Gospel for Nations Ministry

Mission projects

• Organizing Christian camps for non-Christian kids.
Our objective, every summer is to organize Christian camps for kids, focusing on children who don’t know Christ and who live in non-Christian families.  Our goal is primarily to tell the children about Jesus Christ and secondly to give them a foundation about the Bible. We are also planning fun parties incorporating Christian games and contests to create an exciting and memorable experience after which rewards will be given to the children for their participation. We believe this to be a very effective way to reach the hearts of children, and to bring them to Christ. Our mission desires to organize these camps in villages and cities where the existence of churches is scarce.
• The establishment of Sunday schools.
We plan that the camps will lead to the establishment of Sunday schools.  After the camps come to an end we would like to create Sunday Schools and continue planting seeds in the hearts of the children. We are ready to take the responsibility to fund and support these Sunday schools to make sure that the kids attending them can continue their growth in Christ.
• Organizing Christian youth camps.
Growing up is a very difficult period of time as we all know, especially when this process is not accompanied by support of God. By organizing these camps we want to call youth to Christ, teach them high standards in moral principles, and help them build a relationship with Christ.
• Supporting missionaries and planting new churches.
Many villages in Ukraine have very small churches; some villages don’t have any churches at all. Mission’s goal is to send missionaries to these places to plant new churches and help them grow to such level where they could become financially independent, spiritually self-sustaining, have a positive influence in the community and be able to collaborate with the mission by helping plant new churches in other areas. Our support of missionaries will include monetary provisions, Christian literature and, of course, many prayers.
• Construction of church buildings.
We understand that after planting new churches it will be necessary to build church buildings for the new congregations. Church buildings will allow a more effective worship as well as keep the church body together.
• Organizing outreach services.
We plan on preaching on streets and in parks and when church buildings are built inside the churches.  However since we should be walking examples of Christ we will witness to people about Him by our everyday life.
• Financial and material support for families and children in need.
The Word of God teaches us not to forget about charity, but encourages us to participate and urge others to do the same.  Providing help to the needy will always be accompanied by witnessing about Christ’s love and His salvation.







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Something to think about

One hundred years from now
It will not matter
What kind of car I drove,
What kind of house I lived in,
How much money
I had in my bank account,
Nor what my clothes looked like.
But one hundred years from now
The world may be a little better
Because I was important
In the life of a child.
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